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Colors and Tones!

At Mr. Sandless we recommend our standard refinishing process.
Wood floors can be instantly brought back to life with our service, bringing
out the natural tones that were once hidden. If your floor has a rich patina
from nature aging, we do not recommend a color change, but a standard refinishing.

There is such a rich patina in this 100 year old red oak floor.
Coloring this floor would hide all of those wonderful tones and is not recommended.

The great tones brought out by our standard service in this
parquet floor would be lost if it was colored.

For floors that need color added, we offer our own brand of Mr. Sandless Stains,
so that we can carefully blend your floor for an even look and appearance.

The picture before shows a worn White-Washed oak before,
and after our blending process where we even out the color!

Above is a laminate floor where the client desired to even out the overall tone
of the floor! Only the Mr. Sandless service is able to achieve this!

For floors that are truly damaged and would need expensive and massive repairs,
we offer custom coloring to hide the damage! This is the only time we
recommend a drastic color change.

Which choice is right for you?
Contact your Mr. Sandless dealer today to discuss your floor options.



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